From 26 studios of FJORD DESIGN & INNOVATION from ACCENTURE INTERACTIVE around the world, 1000 creatives gather in  Berlin to share ideas and projects.

Seeking new attitudes, methods and technologies is the bedrock of Fjord’s success in designing the services and products of the future, but we also enjoy tradition. We take great pleasure in maintaining a ritual started 13 years ago: our annual learning Summit, Equinox. It’s our opportunity to get Fjordians together in one place to learn from one another and share valuable insights and ideas, and right now, 1000 of us are gathered in Berlin to collide our ideas, insights, and cultures.

This year, for the first time, we opened the doors to people from the wider world who inspire us – people like you. We welcomed approximately 100 executives from 60 global companies to discuss the latest developments in design and innovation, and how we can utilize these capabilities to make a positive impact on organizations’ futures.

The agenda included keynote speeches, networking opportunities, breakout sessions and panel discussions, giving our guests the chance to get together with peers across industries to tackle challenges common to them all.